Tuesday, April 26, 2011

a typical walk

occasionally i'll muster up the energy to join stephen and the girls for a walk to felicita park.  we live just a block away, so it's nice to meander on down there.  usually stephen will run, but when the slow prego lady joins him he's nice enough to slow his pace and just walk fast.  it's fun.  i wish the girls liked sitting in a double jogging stroller when they were smaller.  i used to take them to miramar lake often and try to exercise my baby fat off, but around mile two (of five) they would start fighting or whining or crying or...whatever it was.  now they just sit there and talk and love it, but now they weigh a lot more.

loving stephen's glasses?  me too.

excuse the butt shot, but i wanted to show you a steep little incline we walk up in the park.  gets me winded and gets our booties working.  

once we reach a destination of sorts in the park (usually the "red and green playground", only this day the "yellow and blue playground"...in little girl lingo) we let the bubbles loose and play.  i think this is part of what makes the ride worth it in their eyes...they know there is usually playtime at the park somewhere in there.

daddy joins in on the fun.  yes, i pushed the three of them on it.  no, not for very long.

chloe pushing her sister on the swing.  they really do get along so well...just one more blessing to add to the list.  it's getting longer and longer.


Kierst said...

Aw! I love your girls and I miss you guys! We need to play soon!

Malerie said...

I'm sure there may be fighting at times, but those girls look like they are going to be great friends! (or already are)