Monday, April 25, 2011

a morning in the life of chloe

1. brush (painfully) long blonde hair....check!
2. mix genres in clothing...check!
3. put shoes on wrong feet....check!
4. bring out 1/50th of your stuffed animals into the kitchen...check!

 5. set up chairs alongside the counter to effectively play with animals on counter....check!
6. look proud of your work....check!

7.  give mom dirty looks as she photo-journals your escapade...CHECK!

oh chloe and her love of stuffed animals.  until this little girl arrived sienna could've cared less about the stuffed animals grandparents had bought her.  for chloe it has always been somewhat of an infatuation.  i have to admit that i love that she loves them.  sometimes i wish i could get rid of some of them...we have sooo many.  but chloe actually plays with them all, a lot.  even sienna does now, thanks to chloe's influence.  they have concerts for their animals/dolls, they play house and mommy and babysitter, they put them in time-out, they dress them up.  there's really no end to their imaginations with their animals. 


Malerie said...

Wow. That sounds JUST like our house! :) Man she looks like a mini-you. So cute! And why do they always get their shoes on the wrong feet? You'd think it would be about 50% of the time, but I swear they get them wrong every time! ;) gotta love these girls.

*katie said...

Such cuteness! I wonder if Ashley will love stuffed animals...I did as a kid...but the boys could care less except for their night-time cuddle animals. Acutally, Ethan really doesn't care about that one :)

Heidi said...

How cute!!!

My girls adore their stuffed animals-- all five million of them. They couldn't care less about their barbies or any dolls, but the animals are their family. Just this morning Brie was telling me that she was having a hard time going to sleep last night because she was worried we would have a house fire and she wouldn't be able to get her animals out in time.

Abby Monroe said...

Oh, Brookie..I remember the days when you used to babysit us and threaten to discipline us with a swirly and or your famous and deadly wedgies! And you'd cook us some mac n cheese :) Those were the days! P.s. Sienna and Chloe are so dang adorable.

Erin and Dave said...

She is so adorable!! And her outfit totally suits her :) LOVE IT!!

Lissy said...

Love this! Your girls are such darlings! I've always hated the idea of accumulating mountains of stuffed animals, but you can't exactly throw away something that get's your child's imagination going :)