Friday, April 22, 2011

haircut number two

our lovely five-year-old has this impulsiveness about her that seriously worries me sometimes.  she does things, as if she is in some subconscious state while she's doing them, later getting into trouble for whatever it is.  when she was three and a half we had a similar occurrence, though much more tragic because of the loss of irreplaceable curls.  here's one more post about the subsequent fix.  luckily she ended up looking pretty dang cute after her haircut that time.  this time?  it was a little harder to fix surprisingly.  for some reason her new bangs just aren't cooperating or something.  she just looks like a ragamuffin.  i'll have to post a pic of that later.  i don't think i have one on hand yet.

the sad/funny thing about this time, is that her father was sitting at the same table as her while it happened.  they were both sitting at the kitchen table together, stephen reading his scriptures and sienna cutting out pictures from a primary paper she'd received that day.  lee, stephen's mom noticed it first and quietly pointed it out to stephen.  i was taking a nap at the time...good thing.  i woke up nice and calm and happy, ready to take on anything...even sienna's new hair-do.

tears were shed on her part, only because i was confused as to why she did it.

"sienna, do you want to look like a boy?  is that why you cute your hair?" (nice, sensitive mom..that's me)

(instant hysteric tears) "noooooo!!"

"then why did you cut your hair?"

"i don't know"

oh my.  at least have a good reason child.  the hair was in your face, there was food in your hair that wouldn't come out, you really do want to look like a boy, you were getting even with me for something i didn't let you do...something! 


Stephen said...

I was most certainly not at the same table as her! I was reading my scriptures, but was seated in our recliner a room away. I had gotten out the scissors for her to use to cut out her pictures from primary, but figured that she had learned from the last time that she cut her hair. She has been subsequently banned from scissors until she is 16, at which time she will also be able to keep her Halloween candy in her room.

Malerie said...

Haha. I love that Stephen had to clarify! Poor girl (I know... I hate it when people feel sorry for my kids :) ) but those little tears on her cheek :( I keep waiting for this to happen at our house. Every kid has to do it, right? At least your case twice :)

Heidi said...

Brie is our serial hair cutter-- twice she did it to her own, right on top and in front where there was absolutely nothing we could do to fix or camouflage it. Awful. Then she has also been generous enough to do it to her little brother, her ponies, and a barbie or two. Eeek!

Robin Baker said...

Oh are a better person than me. I had horrific reactions to Owen cutting up my fabric squares last night and then the missing newly sewed blanket this morning. It was not pretty. At all.
Your reaction was MILD, trust me. Wow, I am one mean mama :(

Ken and Cari said...

That's pretty hilarious, but I still don't have kids so things like this make me giggle :) Love you!!