Friday, April 22, 2011

a trip to julian

a few weekends ago we decided to get out of we drove up a few hills and mountains and landed ourselves in the wonderful gold-mining city of julian!  yipee!  i do love living so close to it right now.  i had been craving their apple-boysenberry crumb pie.  stephen finally agreed that i must have some, so off we went!  we got there just in time to wait in a nice loooong line.  so i snapped a few photos of things i saw in line. 

mom's pies are my favorite in julian and for good reason.  they are nothing short of heavenly.  we usually also get a soup of some kind to eat before, or with, our pie.  unfortunately they had italian wedding soup which isn't my cup of tea, so we opted for the chicken pot pie.  delicious!  we had our slice of pie heated up and threw an ice cream scoop on it...oilla!

me and the hubby in line.

a cute little bug contemplating her next bite of ice cream.  she tried the pie...again...but with not much luck of liking it yet.  we'll keep trying!

the drive up was so pretty.  with how much recent rain we'd had everything was blooming and green and colorful!  there was even some snow up in julian.  we stopped alongside a road and let the girls play in some.

stephen even made a cute miniature snowman.  i especially liked the grass hair.  i know some people with hair like that.  

i love the above of chloe hoping not to get hit by a snowball as she just stands there.  
a fun action shot of daddy and sienna pegging each other.


flip flop mama said...

Mom's pie is the best! The Julian Pie company doesn't hold a candle to it. Yum! Now I want some!

Malerie said...

Wow! I love ALL of these pictures. Looks like such a fun little trip.

Julie said...

i LOVE that picture of chloe!