Monday, April 18, 2011

as i am now getting bigger around the mid-section i'm having to wear maternity stuff finally.  luckily for me my shade shirts are still wearable, i practically live in them.  but i really liked this top that i found on  surprisingly i'm not wearing any maternity pants yet.  i'm still able to stretch on my express jeans and just put a hair elastic around where the button should button (but doesn't).  i had also bought two pairs of incredibly cute pants at anthro for cheap (what you don't believe me? $40!) that i use as quasi-maternity pants.  they are SO comfortable and have a maternity-like waistband.

wanna know something shocking?  i won our ward's chili contest for "best chili - 1st place" on saturday!  that's my second time winning it, in two separate wards!  i was totally shocked.  out of around thirty people i won?  i couldn't believe it, but it was fun.  in our old ward the relief society had a chili cook-off once a year for pioneer day, so i've been slowly morphing it over the last four years.  i'm glad people like it!

i'd better get ready to go strip wallpaper and clean.  my mom is gone for a few weeks so her hubby has taken advantage of this time to de-popcorn the dining room ceiling and to strip the wallpaper.  the girls and i are there to "help" today (a pregnant lady and a four and five year-old, yeah...we're super helpful).  should be fun!

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One Girl and Three Crazy Boys! said...

You totally should invest in some belly bands. I was given some this go round and they are waayy better than having to use an elastic to close your pants. In fact, I don't have to button, heck-I hardly even zip my pants because the band holds it all up so I keep it loser and is super comfy!