Thursday, April 14, 2011

bump - 26

yes, that's right people, my so-called weekly bump updates have fallen to the wayside.  i'm apologizing mostly to myself because i truly wanted to be better this time around.  let's blame it on pregnant brain, yes, that's it!  please ignore that i'm wearing the same shirt as the last time i did this.  i honestly haven't worn it in at least a week, i swear! 

so i am now 26 weeks.  things are going smoothly.  no signs of pre-term labor thus far, so that's a huge plus!  stay in there boy.  got it?  he sure is an active critter (did i just call him a critter?), constantly kicking and doing somersaults.  it should be an interesting exit in july!  i'm feeling good though aside from heartburn at night if i eat anything after 8pm or anything with sugar after 6pm.  yup, that pretty much rules out me never having heartburn, because we all know that i can't handle that.

in other news...the girls have no school next week.  so instead of whining about it and instead of thinking about how crazy they're gonna drive me, we're planning a full week.  let's keep busy!  zoo, wild animal park (i refuse to call it the new name.  no, i won't even mention it here), strawberry picking, beach (if the weather affords it), swim lessons (new on our agenda!), stripping wallpaper's gonna be a great week!

i'm i go.


Ashley said...

you are so cute Brookie! I'm so excited for you to have a boy. they are so fun!

Lissy said...

Ha ha - I can't stand the name change either :) We just got new passes and I kept pointing out all the places they haven't changed it over yet (like the road sign just outside, and 'WAP' on the painted license plate of the jeep on the playground) If you want company let us know! Hope your week is fun and the girls enjoy stripping wallpaper! - I always have some item on my list like that :)

*katie said...

And such a cute bump it is!
p.s. where are you stipping wallpaper
p.p.s. Long live the WAP!!

Em said...

You are so cute pregnant!!!!!

beck said...

so.....your belly is officially as big as mine is right now, and in case you are wondering, no i am not pregnant. and in case you want to blame it on the fact that i just had a baby, my baby turned 1 a couple weeks ago. oh well....someday i will get is smaller. oh, and, i had 2 shirts i wore when i was pregnant last time, who cares about wearing the same shirts. i still wear the same 3 shirts and 2 pair of pants. that's about all i own, but i do have about 50 sweaters....hope your pregnancy keeps going well!

Shawnanana said...

Where's the "like" button?? I am so excited to see you in 2 months... well, I better see you (that's when I'll b home). luv ya!