Tuesday, April 12, 2011

easter's a-comin'

thanks martha!

since most of our seasonal stuff is still in storage, and most likely will be for a while, i thought i'd buy some cheapy-fred (thanks lee for the phrase) baskets and decorate them myself.  i'm leaning much more towards the leaves basket, though i have no doubt that chloe will want the flowers.  she's such a girl.

(thanks again martha!)

i also loved this wooden basket.  where could i find one of those?  anyone?  anyone?

how simple and sweet this is.  we actually made these last year as decor for random parts of the house.  i put the flowers in a little cup of water hiding inside the bag to keep them fresh a little longer.  didn't last too long, but was pretty.

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Heidi said...

How very pretty!!!

We have nothing stylish for Easter around here. The kids picked their own baskets with a price limit of $2 (man, this easter stuff adds up when there are four kids!) and of course, three of them picked plastic buckets. Whatever makes them happy though!