Thursday, May 26, 2011

and the winner is....

...........cassie!...who said:  "i love chocolate chip cookie dough! so yummy!" 

congratulations cassie!  i will be emailing you here in just a moment to make sure you know you won!  your options of fabric are presented here (and will be emailed to you), and you have your choice of dried lavendar or dried chamomile to be put inside for scent!  you will also have your choice of size. the one pictured in the giveaway was 6 x 12 inches (which i realize now i never mentioned).  so, yes that is a big one.  i could make it smaller if you like, more oblong or whatever.  you pick!

thank you to all who entered!!!  i might just have to make this a regular thing, it's just too fun!  in fact...just for fun, i think i'll give a mini rice bag away right now to another one of those who entered in this contest! 

that lucky winner is........mamaTAVE, who said: "chocolate malted crunch from thifty's...yum!"

and i must say mamatave, that is my favorite too!!!  although here in san diego, it's not thrifty's anymore, it's rite-aid, but it will always be a thrifty's ice cream in my heart too!

these winners were picked randomly and completely fairly, i promise!

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