Monday, May 30, 2011

a morning in seaport

nina at blackbird ink photography was snapping away at sienna's five year photo shoot last chloe, lia and i wandered around keeping ourselves busy.  i brought my camera for kicks, so here are some randoms we took.  it was a pretty cloudy day which makes for decent lighting a lot of the time.  the wind was also around, but that was fun too.  we eventually gave ourselves the boot from seaport village when it started to rain.  good call, i say.  good call.

my sweet, strange child.  getting a normal smile out of her is like pulling teeth these days.

i like to call this bottom picture, "little stinker", cause really...she is one.  but such a cute little stinker!

okay, so i didn't take as many photos as i thought, but it was a fun morning! 

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