Tuesday, May 31, 2011

that time of year

we tried going earlier in the season to pick strawberries but were a little too early this year.  so due to normal busy life we didn't get around to it til this last week, which happened to be almost later than what is better.  especially if you want to get good pickings.  we met grandma ev there and got to work! 

but before grandma actually arrived (we got there a little early, as always...i hate being late, so we usually have the opposite problem, way too early), daddy decided to spark up a race down through the strawberry field.  it was a great idea....

....until chloe fell behind due to unforeseen mud in her aisle.  she was completely hysterical!  though i couldn't help laughing i don't blame her hysteria...that stuff was thick and very, very smelly!  and if you know chloe at all, she hates getting dirty.  she was beyond upset and it made her pretty weary during the actual strawberry picking.  any time she thought she saw mud (whether it was there or not) she instantly started whimpering.  oh, little girl!  we went to the car, got her cleaned up and bribed her sister to trade her shoes since chloe absolutely refused to put the nasty shoes back on.  sienna did it only because we offered her a coveted ring pop.  those have become quite popular with our girls for some reason.  i'm not a fan of them eating them, but it sure kept the peace that day!

we sure scored some really delicious strawberries!  we had to head to the far aisle of the field and walk pretty far down, but we definitely found some winners!  these strawberries make the absolute best strawberry freezer jam that i'll openly admit my addiction to.  we've gone through loads of the stuff already this year.  it's scrumptious on toast!

stephen demonstrates proper strawberry picking technique...making sure to test the product.  we tested many a strawberry and were not disappointed.


mom showing off her fruity loot!  she will have two nice sized tupperware jars of strawberry freezer jam waiting for her when she looks in her freezer next!  yipee!

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Robin Baker said...

fun! you won't believe it...we have never done this