Monday, May 23, 2011

eek! two weeks!

two weeks since my last post...naughty, naughty, naughty!  but honestly?  so many other things to be doing. 

still, i love the blog (in a strange, distant sort of way)...and so i will still post.

a few weeks back sienna and stephen were able to do a speedboat tour in the san diego bay.  it had been my mom and mike's birthday present to stephen back in march.  due to the tsunami warning one particular day, we had to cancel our original speedboat tour and re-schedule it for later.  so we scheduled it for may, but i wasn't thinking too much about my growing belly.  so i opted out of this particular adventure and let sienna take my place.  they had so much fun!

waiting to get on the boat.

sienna getting her vest on.  she was so exited!

chloe and i had a nice little two-hour date that morning in pt. loma while we waited for their tour to come back.  we got hot chocolate, cupcakes and mosied around trader joes.  it was a lovely saturday!  chloe found a sea lion standing around and showed him some love.

chloe and i also tried to spot them at the end of the tour...and we did!  it took a little while, but eventually we saw a group of little speedboats whiz by and we were able to wave to stephen and sienna.  it was a very cloudy and chilly day for san diego, but the water conditions were awesome.

you can barely see sienna in the boat in this...she's waving.  can you spot her? 

thanks for the birthday gift mom and mike!  they loved it!

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Jana G. said...

I have the same hat Chloe's wearing.. Target :) Love the pix