Monday, May 9, 2011

we love preschool!

aren't these kids so adorable?  this was chloe's preschool class up until thursday.  we will be moving soon, so to save a little money we took the girls out a few weeks early.  it was sad because they really love their friends and teachers at school.  they looked forward to going each day that they went. 

it just so happens that their last day was also the mother's day celebration, so i got to be there and snap a few pictures of the girls with their friends and teachers.  the pictures aren't fabulous, but at least we'll have something to remember them all with.  each class got up and sang songs to the moms and presented them with snacks to eat and artwork to receive.  it was really cute. 

above is what chloe believed was true about sweet.  she sure is right about "the pizza place", meaning the bronx pizza.  i sure do love it!  she knows this because every time we're in the near vicinity at all, we stop by for a slice of pie and a soda. 

me and my sweet little girls

the girls with their teachers (sienna with kathy & chloe with joy)

we will miss all of them very much and are grateful for the months we were able to get to know them all and have fun with them. 


Lissy said...

That picture of you and your girls is darling!!!

Heidi said...

That is too cute!! I love getting to hear what my kids think they know about me. Such an interesting perspective!