Friday, June 24, 2011

friday randoms

as we have just moved it has brought me to this deep-cleaning, re-organization state.  not to mention i'm nesting, which has turned out to be a huge blessing with the move as i have plenty to do in that aspect.  i have been going through tons of plastic bins of things i'd been keeping, through three-ring-binders full of random papers, and so forth.  i can't remember where i got the paper above, but i'm pretty sure i was in high school.  i found it funny then, not quite as much now....still....funny enough that i wanted to share it.  it's not great quality and i considered re-typing it up for you, but changed my mind.  see if you can do that math!

stephen found this last night while going through one of his random bins of things.  he wrote this on 9/17/1995 during third period at school.  awesome, huh?  i think my personal favorite is the last entry...which is yours?

then some recent artwork by the girls.  both of them love to draw and create, especially sienna.  it seems like she is always coloring something.  now that our patio is more cleared out i need to get them painting again.  one of my favorite things about these drawings (aside from the cute manner in which they each wrote their names) is the color schemes.  sienna has been using all kinds of really great color combos which i'm really digging.  sometimes they also write a bunch of random letters in a row on the page.  i'll ask them what it says, and most of the time they say they don't know.  occasionally it'll be a made up word that they come up with.  love my creative little girls!

a small little sidenote:  yesterday while chloe is coloring some alphabet pages that we bought them, she decides to add eyelashes to a character.  she says, "i'm going to add some eye-blinks." my bug.


flip flop mama said...

That math paper is hilarious!

Nina said...

hahahaha, that steve paper is AMAZING. you need to redo that for him and frame it for his desk at work. hahahahaha!

Lissy said...

Steven's is hilarious, besides the subject matter of every line I love "turninging" What great art work by the girls too! I am impressed, and "eye blinks" - so cute!

*katie said...

"V" kinda scares me! I'll be sure not to get on Stephen's bad side :)

One Girl and Three Crazy Boys! said...

I can't believe they seriously handed that math paper out to you in high school, all I can say is wow..... Love the girls drawings though, and steve's too.