Thursday, June 30, 2011

planning ahead!

do you live in san diego?

wondering where to go see the fireworks this fourth of july?

star 94.1 has a great list of all the displays that will be taking place on monday (the 4th!).  i'm still not sure which location we'll be going to, but i'm looking forward to just hanging out this year and watching the fireworks.  last year we were driving from one location to another in utah.  we saw a bunch from a distance on the freeway...not very patriotic.  especially for someone like me that really likes to celebrate holidays and such.

on another note, i need a shelf like this.  only i need one that isn't expensive...preferably one that is old that i can refurbish myself.  my kitchen is in dire need of shelving space as our cabinets really limit what we can put away.  if you have one or see one or know of one...pass along the happy information!  gracias!

(excuse the blurry stolen picture.  i think it was from pottery barn kids from a few years ago)


Rachel Powell said...

WE'll be at Coronado on the grass! You guys should come!

Heidi said...

Wish I could go see the fireworks in CA! We have them here in our town, and of course we'll take the kids, but it's always too hot to do anything but sit in the car with the a/c running while we wait for them to start. Even after the sun goes down around here, it's still too hot to lounge around outside!