Friday, July 1, 2011

a few things this friday

welcome weekend!  i welcome you with gusto!

first off...i'd like to thank my wonderful mother and stepfather mike.  they are exactly what i needed today.  they came and picked up my kids about twenty minutes ago to take them to a movie and keep them until we meet them for my brother's birthday dinner tonight.  HALLELUJAH!  it is exactly what i needed today.  it's times like that when i break down crying with gratitude (for real, i did).  very grateful.

another thing.  we are truly blessed.  it's the little things, isn't it?  well...we won $50 off our rent next month by correctly guessing how many skittles were in a jar.  i never win anything!  and we could use saving money anywhere right now. 

there are no plans this weekend.  i plans.  this is a very rare thing.  i'm very excited to just do nothing or do whatever feels good at the moment.  and?  it's the fourth of july weekend!  i love july for many reasons.  a. celebration of our country's independence, b. my birthday is in the third week of july, c. my son is due in the third week of july, d. there is usually summer weather to be had finally (and indeed it is here!).  j u l y = beautiful.

something no so fun, but that is a nice sign of a baby preparing to enter the world.  pelvic pressure during pregnancy.  i'm sure most of you women reading this have experienced this; maybe not though.  when your baby is finally putting serious pressure on your lower pelvic area it feels like the bones in your pelvis are gonna break.  they hurt!  that plus your ligaments and such down there, are being stretched and relaxed from hormones preparing for the upcoming birth of mr. baby.  thus have i been experiencing since early last night (and off and on over the past weeks).  all night long i slept horribly because every time i tried to turn over or move at all it was a serious ordeal.  OUCH.  i figured it would feel better after resting all night.  wrong.  same old.  that and..."resting all night" was not restful.  i seriously woke up at least five times for a potty break and then woke up at least two or three other times just because.  you truly do block these things from your mind after having the baby.  that way you're willing to engage in future pregnancies.  let me express to future self....pain.  not that reading this later will really stop me from getting pregnant again, if that is truly my desire in the future.  funny how it works, doesn't it?  anyway...if you see a penguin waddling around san diego, be could be me.  me, prego brooke trying to make it til mr. wyatt decides to make his debut. 

flashback friday:  five years ago today, sienna was a chub-a-wub.  considering she was born two months early at four pounds, it's amazing that at this point (at six months old) she weighed twenty pounds.  chub!  sometimes i forget about all the amazing rolls she had going on on her arms and legs.  that cute round little face is still sienna, but she sure has transformed now.

she was such a sweet little baby.  she played scrabble many a time with us. 

any-hoo...hope your weekend is dandy! 


Rachelle said...

Okay, totally random comment, is that my desk in the background of the last picture? I SO wish I had been married at the time of my parents garage sale. I could SO use a bunch of the furniture like that. Sigh...

Good luck with your last few weeks. You can make it!!!!

*katie said...

Oh Sienna, your chub is amazing! Ashley is just like you once were! My little miss is in the 80+ % for weight and 40 or so for height :)

Heidi said...

Hang in there through the end, Brooke!!! Only once have I gone full term with my babies, and I remember specifically that those last couple of weeks were miserably uncomfortable. (And yet here I am, going through it again... either I'm a glutton for punishment or these little bundles must be totally worth it!)