Tuesday, July 5, 2011


my poor toes, ankles and fingers.  when it's bad, it's bad.  i'll survive though.  true story!

i liked this blurry photo of chloe getting ready for church on sunday.  not sure why that includes toilet paper, we'll have to ask her about that. 

have you ever noticed how much music affects you?  maybe it doesn't affect you like it does me.  it can really cheer me up when down, bored, unmotivated, etc.  i find that it can make a world of difference.  likewise, some music can make me depressed.  i always think of the the cure in the wedding singer and it's effects on robby.  haha...the 80's were awesome.  i love pandora, speaking of music.  not a fan of the ad pictures they have on there now, but it's still a great resource to hear new bands and enjoy music of certain genres.

anyway...here's some of my favorite artists lately...some older, some newer:

regina spektor
the kooks

on another note, all this nesting that's been taking over my life you'd think that i'd have crafted.  no, unfortunately...no.  unpacking and organizing has taken it's place.  i had all these plans to have a baby quilt ready for little man when he arrives, as well as some burp cloths and some other cute baby boy things.  no such thing has happened.....yet.  there's still time right?  right!  so hopefully tonight i can bust something out.  wish me luck!

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Malerie said...

She looks so grown up! Like she's getting ready for a date or something, I feel the same way about music. Sometimes driving down the freeway, it feels like I have my own soundtrack :) Thanks for the artist list. I'm going to check those out.