Wednesday, June 22, 2011


on the agenda today we will be seeing nanny mcphee returns for a dollar with grandma.  regal theaters offer movies for a dollar all summer for kids, which we fully took advantage of also for the last two years (only it was free then).  we absolutely love the first nanny mcphee movie and were so excited to see that the second one was first up on the movie list this year.  so we'll join the throngs of cheap-movie-goers and enjoy a cheap flick this morning.


more of what we've been doing for the last week or so....organizing.  most of the main unpacking is done.  what really needs to be done is more organizing and figuring out where to put things...or to get rid of them.  we already have a growing pile of things we are getting rid of.  just no room!  keep in mind that i'm having to leave some room for a baby and all of his things that will soon be taking over.  yay!

also today?

i've been promising the girls that we would paint their nails today, so that is a must.  i don't mean to keep putting it off, but things keep coming up.  i think things are finally slowing down enough for us to actually do it. 


i need to just DO it.  i've been meaning to trim chloe's hair.  yes.  her ends are raggedy and needing a trim, so i will be attempting that fun feat tomorrow.  wish me luck!

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