Wednesday, June 15, 2011

let's do some math

moving + pregnant =  a very tired mama-cita with swollen feet and ankles and a sore lower back. 

the remedy? 

help!  what's a good remedy?  i'm drinking extra water to help with the swollen part, but i still have so much to unpack that it seems like my back is destined for misery.  luckily the girls are extra self-occupied the first few hours of the morning so i can get stuff done.  then they start bickering just after lunch and drive me crazy until bedtime.  it's a good thing they're so cute. 

the girls' last swim lesson is!  we loved having swim lessons at murray callan.  i love their teaching method and i love how much the girls loved it.  their teacher, miss delaney, was very patient and so sweet too.  sienna is practically swimming now, though she still needs to learn a lot.  she's okay if she can touch the bottom to push herself up after swimming around.  if she didn't have that, she might just drown.  she still has to work on her "digs" (first swimming strokes), which then leads to other things.  chloe too.  they're basically at the same point in their progression.  hopefully today delaney can give me some pointers as to what to help them with this summer!

have a great mid-week day!


Robin Baker said...

get out your SW and do the pregnancy exercises. especially Pelvic rocking - morning, day and night. Best exercise for pregnancy. Relieves back ache.

Avoid caffeine and drink lots of water. Eat the Brewer Diet (do NOT restrict your salt in an effort to be less swollen) and try these diuretic foods

Rachel said...

get in the pool lady! 20-30 minutes minimum. Takes the load off of your back your swelling will go down. Just get in waist deep and walk the pool or hang out with a noodle around your back with your bottom half down in the water doing a nice easy bicycle kick. I promise you will feel better and see a difference in one visit.