Tuesday, June 14, 2011


let's do some updates on the kiddos shall we?


miss chloe

me- chloe, you need to learn to blow your nose.
chloe- (very matter-of-factly) when i grow up i will

chloe- isn't this funny mommy?  my hair is going for a little ride (as she runs about watching her hair swish back and forth)

chloe- mommy, you're a goopy (run-off from the little mermaid calling flounder a "guppy")

photos by:
blackbird ink photography

chloe is in the 97th percentile still for her weight...not shocking.  her height is in the 75th percentile.  love my big, growing girl.  she loves to sing and memorizes the words to songs quickly and easily.  she is almost always singing one disney song or another.  every where we go she begs to listen to the tangled songs, she knows every word...it's so cute.  she is a very good and obedient girl, though occasionally rather dramatic.  she is still very much obsessed with stuffed animals as wellfor whatever reason she hates to go to the bathroom, and i basically have to demand that she goes, or she waits til the last second and runs in there just barely making it.  she also bats her eyes when asking for something she wants from you.  huh?  where did you learn that child?

 miss sienna

still quite obsesses with tank tops and shorts, she'd wear them continually if i let her. she now knows the rules...if it's warm outside that day, she wear them...so she swears every day it's going to be really hot.  good one sienna...you're not far off...just be patient.  june gloom will end some time soon.  this girl also loves salad (hold the dressing...say what? yes).  never expected that one!  she has a decibel range in her voice that exceeds that of a soprano.  while driving in the car i can rarely hear anything but sienna.  she is quite loud.  she loves to draw and color and her drawings are becoming quite colorful and elaborate lately.  i love the designs she makes!  i should scan a few of her latest that she made for me and post them.  she is also quite in love with slurpee's.  i made the mistake of letting them have their first during that really hot week in february or march.  ever since then she's constantly asking for one, especially after swim lessons.  being that their last swim lesson is this week, grandma generously offered to pay for their last slurpee.  no wonder sienna loves her grandma!


*katie said...

Such pretty girls:) And yes, Sienna's decibel range is impressive!

Heidi said...

Your girls are adorable!!! (You are going to be in such trouble when they get older :-)

Robin Baker said...

beautiful girls! just like mama and grandma Ev :)

Jessica said...

You seriously need to get Chloe into a Let's Play Music class if you can! She would LOVE it so much! You cannot even imagine how awesome this program is! I know you just moved, so I don't know if you will have a teacher near you, but you should check. Go to www.letsplaymusicsite.com and you can look up teachers in your area. Just click on "Find a teacher". I'm telling you, it is amazing!