Friday, June 10, 2011

where i've been

in case you have been wondering, i've been...

registering for fall classes
taking kids to swim lessons
going to pre-natal doctor's appointments
packing more boxes
reading jane eyre (which i finished two nights ago!)
editing photos
trying to rest somewhere inbetween
and packing more boxes

i forget what an ordeal it is to move, and half of my stuff is already in boxes in storage.  i'm very happy about that.  unfortunately, being prego (and having pre-term labor history) makes it difficult to be uber productive...not to mention that i'm due in 5 weeks.  i've had to force myself to rest and lay down occasionally to keep from over doing it.  when i over do it i tend to contract and get lower back pains.  lately i've been a little nauseous too, i so thought that was over.  boo.

we move into our new apartment tomorrow morning, and i'm so excited!  a new chapter in our lives will be exciting.  it's too bad that chapter doesn't include a three-bedroom apartment instead of a two-bedroom (with two, almost three kids), but i'm really not that concerned.  i can totally make this work.  i always think of a family in la jolla that we lived near who had four kids in a two-bedroom for years.  i've no doubt it was crazy, but they made it work.  so can i!

off i go to hopefully be productive.  but first...i should brush my children's hair or something silly like that.  ha!


Jessica said...

Take it easy my friend! I can't wait to meet your little man!

Brittany said...

Where are you guys moving to?