Thursday, June 2, 2011

a memorial swim

luckily for san diego memorial day turned out to be a rather nice day!  we enjoyed it with family (as we live with some) and were able to dip in the pool.  well, they did, not me.  during said time sienna was able to practice her "digs" in the pool with daddy.  the girls have been taking swimming lessons at murray callan in san marcos and have been doing great.  i love m.c. because they teach the kids to have confidence in themselves in the water right away.  both of the girls aren't afraid to put their faces in the water anymore and are taking great strides towards become real swimmers.  it's fun to watch.

sienna swimming to daddy, doing her "digs" (long arm strokes).

stephen guiding her back towards the steps in the pool. 

stephen also took this opportunity to get his children used to the surfboard.  he's been claiming for a few summers now, that he's going to teach them to surf.  i have no doubt he will now that they're learning to swim finally.  sienna had fun on the surfboard, as she is pretty fearless (except if you're talking about splash mountain or the matter horn at disneyland...weird).  she even stood up a few times before falling into the water. 

chloe, our not-so-fearless child takes a casual ride around the pool, begging to get off most of the time.  silly girl.  daddy claims he will conquer that obstacle.

sienna also demonstrates her awesome front flip into the pool from the diving board.  i love that she can do it!  i don't even do it, but she does...and easily!  see....




and last but not least, stephen provides a real-life ocean for the kiddos in the pool.  it was crazy big swells in the baker pool that day.  i'm glad sienna didn't stress about it!


Nina said...

Sienna is freaking awesome!!! I seriously LOVE that girl! And I love that beasty, too.

Heidi said...

I am so impressed by the front flip!

Fun stuff!! Makes me want to go swimming!

Rachel Wattson said...

why in the hey didn't you get in the pool???? The water will feel so good on your pregger body and take all the weight off your back for a while. Try it:)

Packer Family said...

sounds like you guys had a great time!

Mike and Bianca said...

You know I taught swim at Murray Callan for 3 years right? hehe... that's awesome! Who is their teacher? If you see Brett, tell him I said hi!

How fun. We really need to get together asap! Especially if you are right across the street from us 3 days a week!!!

don't tell their teacher they are using arm floaties! ;)