Wednesday, June 1, 2011

tough mudder 2011 (part 2)

if you haven't seen part one yet, see here.

after exiting the boa constrictor, all three guys decided they were sick of wearing their shirts.  oh, boys!  stephen had no sunscreen under his shirt, so it really doesn't need to be said, but i'll say it...he got toasted!   in fact, he's still suffering the consequences of his action.  his shoulders blistered and everything.  yuck, and pain.

this guy (above) both grossed me out and cracked me up.  he ran the whole thing in....a speedo?  yup.  he did.  at the end of the race it was pretty funny cause he was scared to run through the electro-shock area...gee, i wonder why.  a little exposed, i would say.

nina took the sequence of shots of stephen's flip and i managed to catch this one shot of him upside-down during his flip.  the guys just in front (in blue) blocked the rest of my shots unfortunately. 

i'm sure it was an accident (riiiight honey?), but as stephen climbed out of the ice bath (obstacle 4) he mooned everyone watching.  quite entertaining really.  poor tyler probably got the best shot as he was waiting behind stephen to climb out of the icy water.  here stephen is correcting the oops.

then up the nice steep climb...

electro-shock!  yay!!!!  so as the runners come running towards their last obstacle they are sprayed by a fire hose.  isn't that nice of the volunteers?  they cared just that much to make sure the runners got shocked.  i loved the black sign off to the left that you see as you're coming towards the shock wires, "do not pee on electric fence."  now that's some good advice!

post-race...and talking about the race and all the craziness. 

me and prego belly very happy to have husband be done (after three hours and forty minutes!).  i needed to sit down, and not on dirt.

the siebert clan!

thanks nina for finding the tough mudder and inspiring our crazy husbands to partake.  you rock!


Jessica said...

That is insane! I could never do a race like that. Bravo Stephen!

Robin Baker said...

oh. my. gosh! ouch!
great job steve!

Heidi said...

Glad they survived!!!! And I'm glad the spectators survived such a long wait too!

Mike and Bianca said...

How fun!!! Hey I'm running the Phillip Rivers 5k this Saturday morning and Mike was going to do it with me, but he hurt his leg. If Steve wants to do it in Mike's place that would be awesome! I've been trying to find someone to do it for him because I don't want an entry to go to waste. Let me know!!