Monday, July 18, 2011

happy monday!

i'm very glad to see monday this week!  i had a great and relaxing weekend!  how about you?

i was thinking to myself earlier how ridiculous gas prices are.  i recently filled up my gas tank for around $70 (18 gallon tank).  that's a lot of money!  then i was thinking about how i had also recently signed up sienna to play soccer through ayso for only $50.  doesn't it all seem a little bit backwards?  gas, that will last me about a week if i'm lucky, is costing me more than a full season of soccer for my child.  something has to change!

my future sister-in-law, miss courtney, celebrated a big birthday this year.  according to the girl herself, it would've been a very miserable birthday had derek not proposed.  you see...she was hitting one of those landmark birthdays, i won't say which one.  she was quite sad and bummed about it up until there was this really pretty *bling* on her finger all of a sudden!  yay!  so we held a little birthday party for her at mom and mike's place the day after the big event.  her only request?  an oreo cookie ice cream cake from baskin robbins...yum!  we are so happy to be getting courtney as a part of our family.  she is wonderful!

isn't her ring just beautiful?  derek did good.  ~pat on my brother's back~

h a p p y   b i r t h d a y   c o u r t n e y !!

aaaaaaand......everyone will find this hard to believe, but it's the truth.  i finally pulled out my sewing machine and made something!  yes, i know.  pathetic that i'm proud of this, especially when you consider what i made took me hardly any time and wasn't difficult.  but i'm proud of myself!  it's been a busy few months with moving and unpacking and being as pregnant as i am (i'm 39 1/2 weeks now!).  the last thing i felt like i had time for was crafting.  but i did it, and it felt goood.

so i now have some lovely little boy burp cloths that wyatt will surely soak quickly.  my sister-in-law robin had made me some awesome burp cloths just like these, only with girly fabrics sewn on.  they were very quickly my favorite burp cloths ever.  she made me a ton and it was a god-send.  so i knew i had to have some more for when little man arrives.  i've only made about twelve so far, which won't be enough....but i'm already making more.  yipee!

the sewing machine lives!

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Robin Baker said...

woo hoo! super cute sis in law to be. and yeah for baby project! just keep sewing, just keep sewing...
Wow, I never knew you liked my burpies so much, I'm so glad :)