Wednesday, July 20, 2011

oh wednesday!

my sweet chloe.  she loves to draw her mommy pictures.  after forgetting to scan it all day, i finally do and then ask her who it is in my picture that she drew especially for me. 

"it's london.  for you mommy!"

london is my cousin kiersten's daughter.  she doesn't have red, pink or magenta hair, but i guess there is a likeness.  london, you must have a green dress somewhere in your closet, right?  ;)


Heidi said...

How cute!!

Hanging in there, Brooke? Man, the very end of a full term pregnancy seems to drag! (I keep expecting to hear that you've had the baby!)

Kierst said...

I love it! We love Chloe! London loves the picture. She told me that she doesn't have pink hair. But she DOES have long eyelashes!