Friday, July 22, 2011


if you're wondering (and you may not be) baby yet.  he's making no sudden movements, but i will keep you updated!

i had a wonderful birthday yesterday, so thanks to all involved!!  i can't believe i'm not even just thirty now.  thirty-one feels no different really, but it's one step further from immaturity hopefully...right?  sometimes i think i'm so mature and then something will happen (usually of my own accord) to make me dumb and young again.  not that i don't want to feel or be young, it's just that sometimes i feel like i haven't learned much.  but i am learning.  and growing.

i had a wonderful breakfast to start the day out yesterday at pipes cafe in cardiff with nina.  she's the coolest, really.  never eaten there?  neither had i, and it sure didn't disappoint.  yum!  i ate a breakfast burrito with green peppers, ham, onions and pica sauce.  it was delicious....and HUGE!  the girls split french toast, which i'll admit i ate a bit of because it was pretty yummy.  nina had some yummy looking potatoes and eggs...i really wasn't paying attention to what she was eating cause i was so into my burrito.  it was all delicious though, and a wonderful way to start out my birthday day.

my kids were driving me a little crazy so we opted to head over to cottonwood creek park, a local park that we have quickly come to love.  we let the kids run around and get some energy out, giving us time to chat and catch up.  we don't see each other every day anymore and we mustn't let it take it's toll.

after that?  a nice trip to target.  the encinitas target finally finished it's food area re-model, so now i can semi-grocery shop there now.  love that...especially with all the great coupons they offer on their website.

the rest of the day was pretty normal.  but dinner was delicious with my mom, mike, my dad, derek and my little family at bucca di beppo.  their food hasn't disappointed yet...yum, yum!  my mom surprised me, ordering a bag that i was admiring on etsy (from france!).  i had NO expectation of getting it at all.  i expected to admire it from (very) afar for the remainder of my life, but mom really treated me...and she got it!  i'm in love! (pics to come).  after dinner we came back and ate some yummy pound cake with caramel icing and vanilla bean ice cream (unfortunately no pics of that...i was so proud of my creation). was a great birthday.  between all stated here and facebook, one feels very loved!

loves to all!

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Heidi said...

Happy birthday!! And yes, like everyone else you know I've been wondering anytime I don't see a fb post for a little while if that means you've finally gone into labor :-)