Monday, July 25, 2011


so recently we signed sienna up for ayso soccer.  practices start in just over a week and she is so excited!  i think she started to become more excited after we went and bought her cleats, shin guards, "big long socks" and ball.  then she was so proud, wanting to show them all off to everyone who came over.  she especially liked the fact that everything has pink in it.  okay, maybe her soccer socks don't but everything else has some in it. 

so friday night we headed over to the park after stephen got home and they all played around on the grass for a while.  i took pictures.  sienna has this shy pose down, with her arms wrapping around each other in front, shoulder usually raised.  silly girl.  sienna is really quite physically coordinated.  she isn't scared of much either (if you excuse most mean disney characters from movies).  she really attacks the ball and does a pretty good job kicking the ball.  she even made some goals on daddy!

chloe joined right in, but wearing a cute green skirt will hold you back a little in your game.....just in case you didn't know that.  she had fun chasing sienna and the ball. 

stephen had some awesome saves against sienna's shots, as you can see.  he doesn't hold back for much, if anything.  he was pretty sweaty and wet after just a minute of playing. 

chloe took a few shots against daddy too.  pretty grueling when you consider the stance and face her daddy put on as she approached.  she successfully kicked it straight to him.  :)  oh, little bug! 

fyi:  still no sign of wyatt.  he is truly helping his mommy experience patience.


*katie said...

Oh my goodness, the second picture of Sienna with her little leg popped is adorable! So fun that she's starting soccer :)

Heidi said...

What fun!!!! Marianne said she wanted to try soccer so Terence took her out to play for a little bit and that lasted all of 5 minutes. Oh well :-)

Jessica said...

Sean is doing soccer this year too! I love it when they are this age! It is so fun!