Tuesday, July 26, 2011

b e a c h

let me tell you...we are loving being so close to the beach!  stephen got home early-ish last night (only because he rocks and goes to work super early so we can seem him early in the evening) so we headed off to moonlight to cool off and have some fun.  secretly (or not so secretly) i was hoping to get these contractions going even stronger.  it didn't exactly work, but at least i was able to get my ankles to stop swelling up like a balloon.

clearly the girls had a blast jumping and running around in the water.  the first thing they do upon arriving at the beach is kick off their flip-flops and run straight through the water for at least twenty minutes.  

then as daddy finishes an awesome "pool" they migrate over that way.  what a nice daddy they have!

love that my girls are buddies...

...and gosh i love her toe-sies (as i call them).  i just painted her toenails today...too bad the sand and water just rubbed a lot of it away.  now i'll have to paint them again sooner than i'd like.  these girls ask every other day to paint their nails lately.  it's no easy task for mommy to do so right now....adding to that patience in telling them to hold still.

even at 4:30pm the beach was quite full of people, as you can see...

sienna's cute little scrunched up face.

and who knew chloe would love sandcrabs so much?  the girl probably sent a few to sandcrab heaven, but only out of her great love for them.  she doesn't know her own strength i guess!  so cute.


Malerie said...

Great pictures. It looks like heaven. Oh how we miss heaven! :) And where is Wyatt?!!! You poor thing. Hang in there!

Lianna said...

It was a perfect day at the beach right? too bad we didn't see you. I love the shot you got of them jumping the waves. fun fun!

Heidi said...

Makes me homesick!! That sounds so nice right now! (Only with my luck that would actually get the contractions going strong.)

*katie said...

Love their matching swimsuits:)
And my golly, that is one way packed beach! I need to pick Alan up from work one of these nights and head off to the beach:)