Wednesday, July 27, 2011

four days late

i am in awe that my body can be so tricky...honestly.  i never imagined, after my first two babies, that i would ever reach or pass my due date in a pregnancy.  shows you just never can tell!  i'm feeling great though!  i'm just anxious for his arrival.  can't wait to meet wyatt!  the girls are anxious too...they keep saying how naughty he is that he didn't come out at my birthday.  we had told him that that was when he was coming so they were confused why he was still in my belly days later.  i have a doctor's appointment in about an hour, so hopefully i will have something to report next post, about a baby being born!  we'll see if we decide to strip my membranes today.  at my last appointment my amniotic fluid levels were still we'll see if those have gone down at all too.

i tried eating most of a pineapple yesterday.  we'll see if that helped at all.  i opted out of taking shots of balsamic vinegar, taking castor oil and other such "tasty" tasks to get him out.  i just can't bring myself to do that.  plus, if he's not ready, he's not ready.  i'd rather him come when he is ready in hopes that my labor and delivery goes more smoothly.  i was thinking that other day how i totally willed chloe out of me.  i wanted her out so bad that i practically put myself in labor.  that labor was long and the delivery wasn't ideal at all, so i'm hoping that my patience will be rewarded this time in just hanging in there.

not the best pictures, i realize....but the girls both had haircuts yesterday.

chloe mainly needed a trim.  i'm really not sure i could ever bring myself to cut it short....ever!  even if she were to get lice or something i would probably just spend the next weeks of my life dedicating myself to removal of said bugs. 



sienna, on the other hand, has needed more intervention.  she's had quite the mullet since her last self-inflicted haircut.  since i couldn't handle it i'd been putting her hair up every day, including her bangs.  so when kim said she could make it cute and fix it i was ecstatic!



kim did a great job!  sienna looks adorable with short hair and it will be perfect for the rest of the summer heat.  yay for new hair-dos!


*katie said...

Naughty Wyatt indeed:)
Chloe, I want your hair!
Sienna, you look darling!

Jessica said...

I wish I had girls! So fun!