Wednesday, July 27, 2011

instead of giving birth...

...i sewed.  =)

i know, i know...i need to stop talking about the fact that i've not had a baby yet.  you just don't understand what it's like for my brain to wrap itself around that fact.  my first baby came two months early, my second baby came two days early, my third.....?  well, we shall see.  at my doctor's appointment yesterday doctor cobb said i'm still a 3 and 70% effaced, which i have been for at least three weeks now.  i was a little disappointed, especially after monday's ALL DAY contractions.  i thought for sure i'd at least be a four...ha!  wyatt is showing me.  so i had dr. cobb strip my membranes which resulted in lots of cramping the rest of the day, but nothing else.  there's my update for the night.

anyway, i spent my night doing two things that i've been meaning to do for some time.  i finally made myself a new camera strap.  i've been meaning to for over a year.  pathetic, huh?  i really like it.  i really liked my old one, but it was time.  kiersten had made me a cute one too, but it is too short for my current strap taste.  or maybe it's that my bust is too big so if i shortened my strap it really wouldn't fit around me at all.  oh the issues big busts give you.  that's a whole other post though.  anyway, i think i have an idea of how to use the one kierst made now!  i'll let you know how it works out.

the other thing i'm working on is the crib bumper for mr. wyatt.  what's more appropriate than a western theme for him?  penny pinching (and time pinching) leaned me in ikea's direction where i bought a plain white bumper for $10 and i'm sewing on strips of fabric.  super easy, inexpensive and personalized...i love it.  now if only my dang sewing machine would cooperate!  we ended the night at odds with one another.  i think i need a new one.  sad day.

over on the other side of the room from me was cute hubby applying for real-life jobs.  what!?   yes, he's almost a graduate-graduate (masters in electrical smartie pants), so he's been applying for jobs here and there.  and yes...i am looking through the kitchen to where he is.  awesome, huh?  oh apartments, i'm sure i will miss you eventually.

here's what kept me going tonight as i battled it out with my sewing machine....1) the three amigos, and 2) peanut m&m's.  what would i have done without those?  shout-out to derek for the birthday movie!  i love it!

anyone else been crafting lately?


Jessica said...

CUTE bumper! You are so creative!

Kierst said...

What a great idea for a bumper! I know the feeling of the sewing machine fight so Taylor got me a new one for my birthday this year because I had too many fights with my Brother.

By the way, didn't I give you a bumper? Obviously since you're not using it, can I get it back? You know, just in case another boy someday (in th far-off future) decides to join our family.

Anne Steenblik said...

Hey -- thinking of you and sending pushing thoughts your way. Anxious to hear how this little boy is going to rock your world.

Miss you!

Malerie said...

Awesome bumper! I didn't know about the cheap ikea one... what a great idea. And peanut butter m&ms are my absolutely favorite. yum!