Friday, July 29, 2011

mermaid hair

miss chloe loves having mermaid hair, as we call it in our home.  the curly/wavy hair that results from her previously braided hair.  after taking out kim's tight braids from the other day, this was the result!

so pretty.  believe it or not the only thing i added to this outfit that day was the clip in her hair.  she put on the dress, leggings and shoes.  my sweet bug loves to wear dresses.  i think i even let her wear it to bed that night.  aren't i a nice mom?  anyway, she's full of spunk and silliness, that one.

i still can't believe how looong her hair is either.  it grows like a weed!  she is only barely four and has better hair than most adults i know.  so ridiculous.  the best part is that she doesn't cut it off like her sister!  she lets her mama bask in its glory.  some. day. i might have to let her cut it off if she wants, but that's not til she's like twenty-one, right? 

and then there's sienna....she's so dang photogenic.  she really doesn't take a bad picture....ever.  those cute little dimples and the coloring of her hair and eyes together are amazing.  her lip color baffles me too.  i have no color to my lips.  if i don't wear something on them i look close to death.  true story!  but not sienna.  she's blessed with amazing skin color, lip color, eye color and hair color.  geez girl!

and then of course, chloe got the hair gene.  she should model little girl hair barrettes or something. 


i love my girls.  they are so good together and love to play together.  let it always be that way!


Malerie said...

Seriously?! What gorgeous hair! I can't believe it looks like that just from braiding. And very pretty girls. You better lock both of those girls up in a tower, but with the length of Chloe's, a handsome prince mind find a way up! :)

Erin and Dave said...

This makes ME want Mermaid hair!! I love it! I can't believe how grown up they are :)

*katie said...

Such sweetness and cuteness going on with those two! I can feel the love in the last picture:)

One Girl and Three Crazy Boys! said...

Chloe reminds me of me when I was a little girl-I had hair just like her. Those girls are just so dang cute I want to cuddle them! I'm hoping we can come down for the wedding but it's 2 weeks after the baby is due so...we'll see. We miss you guys though-best wishes you'll have a baby this weekend!