Monday, August 1, 2011

hello there!

well...the weekend has come and gone and i sit here before my computer with a still growing belly!  it's amazing to me that this little guy isn't ready yet.  but alas, he's not...and that's okay.  july has come and gone (i was due july 23rd) and our family welcomes in the month of august.  there are very few birthdays in august on either side of our families, so i'm thinking that this is great!  (i think it's great til my hormones force an emotional break down each day)

in other news...sienna starts soccer practice today!  how cute will that be?  i'm so excited for her.  she has been looking forward to wearing her cleats, shin guards and "long socks" for a while.  i think she's going to do great!  makes me want to play too.  soon enough i will be with her!  she also starts kindergarten two weeks from today.  that is so crazy for me to think about.  that i have a child starting the beginning of twelve years of schooling in a few short weeks.  she is definitely ready.  and i can't deny, that i am too...though i really will miss her here a lot and so will chloe. 

oooo, a contraction!  how fun.

on a side note, i, like the rest of the creative world, am addicted to pinterest.  i just love that there is a site that i can catalog ideas and awesome things that i find on the internet.  especially with my lack of doing too much (for my ankles' sake) lately, i am finding myself loving that site even more.  if you're not on pinterest yet, you might want to check it out.  it's just fun!

and i've been looking for the perfect clock for our living room.  i finally found what i want, only to discover that it's only sold from france for a hefty price (42 pounds/roughly $90).  ouch.  so i'm wondering if anyone else finds a clock like this in the US (and cheaper please!) if you could advise me immediately!  if you're rummaging around at a yard sale or antique store or thrift store and you see this clock or something similar, be a pal and send me a picture!  i'd love it!


Malerie said...

You are such a tease! My heart races a little every time I see you've got a new post. haha! Do you guys have a hobby lobby? I was there a few weeks ago and they had a lot of really cool clocks like that and they were all 50% off and selling for around $30-$50. If you don't...I'll go to mine, text you pictures and mail it to you :)

*katie said...

I was thinking the same thing about an August birthday! Wyatt must have concurred :)

The Hertigs said...

If you don't mind making it yourself I have a clock board with the hands and motor that someone gave to me a long time ago and I have no desire to put it together or paint it. It is pretty big, so I'm not sure what size you wanted it, but if you do it's yours! And my mom has a cricut that you could make the numbers from and stuff.