Tuesday, August 23, 2011

holding wyatt

we've had quite the group of visitors over the last few weeks to see mr. wyatt.  it's been fun!  so here's just a few random photos of those holding him.  unfortunately i didn't snap a photo of amanda packer, katie sabin or maren thacker holding him.  i'm lame.  i love my friends and family!

sienna is showing the camera the tattoo she got at school that day....fyi.

yummy baby boy.

scott and mike sabin dropped by and caught wyatt with his eyes open!  lucky them.  so glad they were able to come by for a visit.

auntie cari, though not blood related, is like family.  she pretty much made my night coming to see us.  i miss her so very much!  she's a very dedicated employee and works her tail off.  so glad she was able to drop by and hang out for a few hours! 

and of course...grandma ev, who has pretty much lived at our apartment for the last few weeks, holding the little man.  we are forever grateful for all my mom has done for us.  she's so giving and so thoughtful.  we are lucky to have her.

cute big sisters playing together. 


Malerie said...

Oh Brooke! Wyatt is so cuddly and adorable! I wish I could hold him. He is so handsome!

And your girls looks like such proud sisters.

And thank goodness for moms! What would we do without them?

Lianna said...

I am so happy for you, he is adorable! Those pics of Sienna holding him are precious. He looks like Stephen in the 4th one and he's got a perfectly shaped head. I can't wait to meet him!