Wednesday, August 24, 2011

soccer season!

i love soccer season!  i love driving by random fields on saturdays and seeing kids running around chasing soccer balls.  i love the feel of it all.  reminds me of the days when i played ayso soccer as well.  good memories!  and it's even more exciting now that i have a child old enough to be involved with it.

sienna had her first soccer game on saturday, and the verdict?  she loooooved it! 

this year the teams are having the younger kids split their teams in half and are playing three on three players.  this gives the kids a better chance to handle the ball and feel more involved in the game process.  sienna started out as a sub and then had her chance to get in there and play.  she's such a timid thing when it comes to new people and places and things that i was praying that she would feel comfortable and just get in there.  and she really did! 

and how cute are the ribbons in all the girls' hair?  the awesome team moms whipped those up for all the girls to match their team color.  our team is extremely organized and the coaches are fabulous.  i'm just so happy that she is having such a great first experience with all of it.

cute girl even scored a goal!  go nenna!!  she was much more aggressive than at practice, according to one of the assistant coaches.  i think hearing us (our family and my mom and mike) cheer for her really got her going.  she seemed to just eat it up.  what cracks us all up is her jumping.  whenever she gets excited or nervous she jumps.  example....ball is coming towards her from the opposing team.  she stops it and before she kicks it, she jumps.  sometimes it just killed us.  we were yelling, "kick the ball sienna!  kick it!" and she was there making sure to jump a few times.  then she kicked it and jumped some more.  must be a nervous habit she has developed.  maybe next game i'll actually count how many times she jumps during the game.  sure would be entertaining to know.

sienna got some nice positive encouragement at half time from daddy.  she was pretty proud of her goal! 

our cute little soccer nenna.  go california girls!!


Heidi said...

How fun!! The ribbons are so cute (that was my first thought when I saw the first picture.) What a great idea to divide the teams into 3 on 3. So much more fun for them at this age & more opportunity to be involved!

Haley said...

Go Sienna!! Number 5 was always my number too, must be lucky! So awesome that you guys have her playing AYSO, i started when i was 5 and loved it.