Wednesday, August 3, 2011

soccer season!

 so a little over a month ago i signed sienna up for soccer through ayso, as mentioned in another post.  well, her first practice finally came around!  she was so excited.  she even had her cleat, socks and shin guards on over an hour before practice started.  chloe made sure the shin guards worked some more by repeatedly kicking her sister's shins.  very good chloe, very good.

the girls started out with warm-ups.  sienna was very shy for the first five minutes or so.  she was barely able to introduce herself to coach victor.  after that five minutes she was perfectly fine and had a blast!  it was very entertaining watching her do things with all the other kids.  and about every five minutes or so the coaches sent the kids in for a water break.  i think in their one hour slot of practice they had about twenty water breaks.  it was funny.  but really, coach victor and the two assistant coaches were great.  very organized and made it fun for the girls.  sienna's team is a mix of five and six year-olds, so some of them have played soccer previously.  luckily a lot of them are beginners like sienna. 

sienna is a very good little kicker and her stops are great too!  we are so proud of our nenna.  

above is how we kept miss chloe busy.  stephen took her to the playground for a bit and then came back just in time to see the girls' first team scrimmage.  hilarious!  stephen calls it a little amoeba, for obvious reasons.  it was so cute and funny to watch all the girls stay right with the ball.  sienna even made a goal on her own team!  go nenna!  =)  

it's gonna be a great season!  we heart soccer!

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Heidi said...

How fun for Sienna!! Is Chloe wanting to play also?

Marianne keeps begging to play soccer, but I just don't know how to fit it in our schedule, let alone pay for it. Between my piano lessons, activity days, Jared's cub scouts and the regular homework grind I'm feeling a little overwhelmed. Poor girl.