Tuesday, August 2, 2011

wind in your hair

we stopped by my in-law's house saturday to say hi...they've been gone for a week in beaver for a baker reunion (soooooo bummed to miss it.  we thought we would have had a baby by then....or at least during it) and we just haven't gone over to the house since we moved out anyway!  we were sad to miss nana as she was out and about, but we got to see papa!  we pulled up just as he was working on this beauty.  they bought this cute little motorcycle since the quad had broken down up in beaver.  he had just fixed it upon us arriving too...just our luck!  stephen was stoked and took it out for a spin around the cul-de-sac.  sienna was immediately asking to ride with daddy, of course...little thrill seeker.  i guess that's inevitable with our gene pools.

so daddy came around picked her up.  first a lesson on where to place our hands.  after her ride, stephen was saying how she kept trying to steer it instead of him.  eek!  good thing stephen is stronger.

the cute little motorcycle was still warming up so every once in a while stephen would hop off and re-start it and keep it going for sienna.  

i kept asking chloe if she wanted a ride after sienna.  her reply was "no thank you" with a nervous voice.  she's always a little bit chicken at first with stuff like this.  once we make her/convince her, she's fine.  so we tell her that it's her turn and she hesitantly gets on.  

didn't take long for the cutie pie to fall in love with it.  (ahem- do you see stephen's concentration in the lower picture?  loving his mouth right there)


*katie said...

Super fun! David loved riding it, though Ethan wouldn't even give it a try... Sienna will be driving it all by herself in no time! Cooper and Baylee LOVED it!

Nina said...

yes stephen baker, you ROCK that tough mudder shirt!!

Haley said...

So cute! They are going to have such great memories. You guys are such fun parents!

Heidi said...

Such fun!!! Glad Chloe was willing to give it a try so she could enjoy it too!

(Now how come you didn't get on, Brooke? Maybe that would have been the final thing to convince Wyatt it is time to come out of join the fun!)