Wednesday, September 7, 2011

loving wyatt

wyatt had his first month appointment yesterday.  it was not our favorite day after walking through humidity to and from the doctors, waiting for over an hour past our appointment time to be seen and then trying to get back before extreme baby hunger set in.   it was not our favorite at all.  

but...wyatt continues to prove that he is no lightweight.  my goodness!  this boy means business.  stats for wyatt at one month:

12 lbs 2 oz. (at birth...8lbs 15oz) - 95%
23 inches (22 inches at birth) - 90%

he's a hunk o' chunk o' baby love.

hanging out with daddy and sisters outside one night on the patio.

meeting kiersten and hanging out with grandpa mike!  
(see the red tints in his hair?  he gets that from daddy)

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