Wednesday, September 7, 2011

pappy's birthday

my dad had a birthday yesterday so we celebrated!  wish i'd taken pictures of our dinner set up and the dessert.  i asked dad if he already had plans for dinner, and lucky for all of us, he didn't yet.  so after texting back and forth a bit dad revealed his birthday desire for grilled cheese and tomato bisque (not soup...don't you dare call is soup.  i made that mistake.).  so we made his wish come true.  we whipped up some gourmet grilled cheese, some with jack cheese and cheddar, some with gruyere and cheddar (mine!) and plenty more.  then we dished up some bisque and soup.  for dessert?  homemade german frosting on chocolate cupcakes.  can i say that although my frosting tasted good, i'm not sure how to get the consistency i wanted.  better luck next time!  but that is dad's favorite, so i thought it was worth a try.

ian, derek and courtney joined in the festivities.  the only one missing was owie.  darn you, utah!  give him back!

wyatt got some much needed grandpa time and the so did the girls.  they went swimming with him just before dinner.  thank goodness, because the heat and humidity yesterday was disgusting!  later, the girls bonded with uncle ian watching short cartoon clips on youtube.  my girls like watching things, can you tell?  they sure zone out.  it can be quite the blessing sometimes, like when i need a break or when i have some homework that needs to be done when they are being needy.  other times i'm sad that they like to watch movies so much.  especially chloe.  if i let her, it's literally all she would do all day.



we love you lots and are grateful to have you in our lives.

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