Thursday, September 8, 2011

sienna is quite the little artist.  she looooves to draw, color, paint, cut, etc.  every day she comes home from school and gets right to drawing.  previously she had been drawing a lot of flowers, hearts, the family members and her name.  lately it has morphed into other things like, for example...churches?  awesome!  she also recently was drawing aliens too.  it's funny to think about what kinds of things she must have going through her mind when she decides to draw an alien. 

she is also loving kindergarten.  last week i had the gall to take her out of class thirty minutes early for a doctor's appointment.  as we sit in the car, and with a slightly whining tint to it, she says, "i didn't want to go early mom."  sorry bub, sorry!  i was honestly surprised that she was upset about it.  i guess that would be because i was never like that.  i was always the kid faking sick to go home early.  true story!  ask my mom if you don't believe me. 

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