Tuesday, September 13, 2011

family walk

this was one of those days where you (the mom) really needed to get out of the house because you'd been there all day and were totally done!   yep, that was this day.  stephen got home and we took off for a nice walk on the beach.  we opted to go south of where we usually go, so we ended up here...at pipes.  we ended up walking south to cardiff beach.  the higher tide didn't deter us one bit.  you even get a nice little workout walking down and up from the beach.  my butt was so proud of me coming back up!

a seagull had been there before us...

wyatt enjoyed a nice push in his new ride (yay for bobs!) and chloe kept busy drawing non-stop pictures in the sand. 

the girls helped me collect rocks on our walk too.  little did they know that i have plans for said rocks.  it'll be a fun christmas present for them! 

our lovely walked was interrupted by an emergency of sorts on chloe's part.  no bathrooms in sight called for a potty break near the cliffs.  stephen acted as a reverse toilet...he must love being a dad at moments like this!  we love him, we do.

aside from that lovely note that i've ended on our outing was successful.  wyatt stayed asleep the whole time, i got some much needed exercise, the girls got lots of energy out running up and down the beach, and we had a lovely outing as a family.  oh, how i love living so close to the beach!


Malerie said...

So wonderful. We miss those incredible walks on the beach. What a darling little family you have.

*katie said...

So fun, what a good little walker Wyatt is:) And the girls, cute as always!

Heidi said...

Looks lovely! Hooray for getting outside!

Lissy said...

Wow it's so weird seeing all this evidence that you are a mom of 3! It's still sinking in for me since I hardly see you. Love all the gorgeous photos. Wyatt is such a cutie! So much like Chloe. I have one of those Dr. Biter photos :)