Friday, September 16, 2011

seaside women's health

i just need to let it be known how wonderful these two men are!  these are my OBGYN's that i had for my last two children.  they are both very caring, thoughtful and take their jobs very seriously.  after having sienna seven weeks early i was from then on a high-risk patient.  so when i found out i was pregnant with chloe i knew i needed extra care, just in case.  i was pointed in dr. robert biter's direction.  my friend, sarah white, had told me about her wonderful experience with him so i made an appointment.  immediately i was comfortable with him (how can you not be with a guy who calls you "buddy" at every appointment?) and was excited to have the support i needed.  during labor and delivery he was extremely supportive and helpful and took good care of me.

fast forward four years later.  pregnant again!  this time i was being seen by both dr. biter and his co-worker in the office, dr. damon cobb.  throughout our appointments they were both awesome.  dr. cobb ended up delivering me, which was such a great experience.  during my labor he was right there with me and stephen the whole time.  he is a very dedicated doctor! 

though neither of those birth experiences ended the way i had hoped, these two doctors did all they could to help me in my efforts towards my desired birth experience.  i'm grateful for them and for their expertise.


Douglas and Nicole said...

LOVE these doctors! So kind and caring and really want what's best for you. I would totally recommend them to anyone!

Malerie said...

How awesome. Those pictures are so great and I can tell just by their picture they are great doctors. You have me wishing I would have gotten a pic of my kids with the people who delivered them!

Robin Baker said...

Best docs in SD!!