Friday, October 21, 2011


here is our little guy.  well, he doesn't look so little, does he?

last week at an appointment we had he weighed in at fifteen pounds.  what the?  aren't you only two months old wyatt?  ok, well...he continues to keep us dazzled by his super-human cuteness.  the cheeks that i can't resist smooching every thirty seconds, the goos and gahs and squawks that come out of his cute little mouth.  he is so super smiley after waking up from a nap.  even more smiley if i feed him and change his royal poopy-ness following a nap.

he loves to watch us walk by him.  he loves me to hover over him and talk to him while smiling.  that's definitely my favorite and is when he's most talkative.  he tells me all about heaven.

his eyes are lightening more and more as well.  reminds me of chloe.

nina said today that he reminds her of stephen.  i love it!  i think he is a really good mix of sienna and chloe, who are both a really good mix of me and stephen.  so he must be an amazingly even mix of all of us.  awesome!

things i need to remember:

how he sighs when he sleeps
how well he sleeps in his carseat (our girls were so not like that)
how he sleeps the whole night through, every night (good boy, good boy)
how he sleeps best when swaddled
he doesn't mind tummy time at all
how he occasionally like to spit up everything i just fed him (sometimes it stays on the burp cloth, but most of the time, not)
he hates it when i pick his boogies from his nose.  guess i don't blame him.
how he flaps his arms and legs excitedly when i talk to him on the floor

love my wy.


*katie said...

Oh man, he is so cute!! And I think he's got Ashley beat on chubbiness!

*katie said...

I showed Alan Wyatt's cuteness and Ashley chimed in pointing and saying "A beebbbeeee!"