Monday, October 24, 2011

first tooth!

that's right my friends!  sienna finally lost her first tooth!  as you might remember we discovered that she had a  new tooth growing in and from that moment on we got down to business.  we wiggled and wiggled that little tooth.  it took way longer than i thought it would to get it out.

so the other night sienna goes in to the bathroom to show stephen how loose her tooth was (he was helping chloe brush her teeth...good daddy).  he said how cool it was and told her to come show she does.  it was literally hanging.  i was so excited and knew that this could be it if she would let it.  for the past week or so i kept telling her to just pull it out.  she was insistent on waiting for it to come out "by itself."  ha!  so when she showed up that night how loose it was i strongly, and very excitedly, urged her to pull it out herself.  she looked worried at that thought, but put her fingers on her tooth, wiggled it a bit and within a few seconds she had pulled it out!!!  i wish you all could've been there to see her extreme ecstatic-ness!  she was beyond happy and proud of herself!!  she jumped up and down a few times squealing with joy.  so much fun!

chloe hugging her sister, so proud of her.

the tooth fairy surely came and left a whopping $2 and a small bag of cookies (stephen's idea).  isn't that kind of an oxy moronic action?  cookies from a tooth fairy?  oh well!  she was stoked.  can't wait for the tooth next door to leave!  what a cute smile she'll have with two missing teeth!

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Robin Baker said...

they are so beautiful!