Wednesday, October 26, 2011

"when i grow up..."


"...i want to be a fabric cutter."

"why, chloe?"  (me)

"because i love to do it.  i love to cut." 

there you have it!  kind of random, but whatever.


"...i want to help grandpa makes houses."

"why, sienna?"  (me)

"because it's fun."

"how do you know it's fun?"  (me)

"because i have been on nana and papa's house before with grandpa."

ah-ha!  it all makes sense now.  


Heidi said...

Fun to hear what they think! (I wonder how long Chloe will stick with fabric cutter?) Marianne wanted to be a farmer (?) and a scientist for the longest time until she found out she probably wouldn't be mixing potions that would turn you into a fantastic creature. Now she just wants to be a farmer.

Malerie said...

so darling!