Tuesday, November 1, 2011

30 days of thankful

i have always wanted to do this, and so i shall!

i often feel as though i'm not as thankful as i should be for the many, many blessings i have in my life.  so i will carry out this wonderful month sharing one thing each day that i am grateful for, and why.  there's no better way to lead into the thanksgiving holiday, i think.  then i can reflect on the things i am most grateful for.

here goes...

day one - my husband

he is probably one of the most selfless people i know.  he is always engaged in a good work, which most of the time benefits me directly.  he is so hands on with our children in every way possible.  the kids love their daddy a heck of a lot.  he is dedicated to doing his best at all times.  he hasn't stopped taking classes or working as an intern for seven years straight, and got great grades the whole time...despite having a family to take care of and a loving but needy wife.  he massages my swollen feet every night at the end of my pregnancies.  he honors his  priesthood and blesses members of our family and others when in need.  he loves me despite my sometimes grumpiness.  he makes the yummiest breakfasts!  he understands when i need a break from the kiddos and takes over, sending me out the door for a breather.  

obviously i could go on and on.  i really don't want this to sound like a brag-fest, cause that's not what this is.  i'm just truly grateful that he is who he is and that he still loves me.  i'm a lucky girl. 

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