Saturday, January 28, 2012

up and up

yes,'s true.  things are finally looking up!  now that i've written that, i realize it's only been 3 1/2 weeks since i had surgery.  yes, i had surgery.  i had something evil taken out of my body.  feels like it's been much, much longer but really it's not been that long.  time drags when you're confined to miserable-ness in your bed.  what made that whole experience (which i will expound more upon next time, okay?) so difficult, besides what it actually was, was the not-being-allowed-to-hold-my-5-month-old-baby rule.  i hated that rule.  i understand, but i hated it.

so, here i am.  it's saturday and i'm happy for that.  my baby, who was running a lovely fever all day yesterday among other things, is fever-less today.  this makes today even better.  i was expecting to have quite the miserable weekend with a very congested, feverish baby...but i've been blessed yet again.

sienna got her birthday bike today.  very exciting!  we wanted her to pick it out so we opted to take her today.  the choices were dismal at toys 'r' us, as expected.  nothing but character bikes and hideous colors.  we chose (when i say "we", you know what i'm saying, right?  yes, of course you do) the least of the evil bikes.  it's an eighteen incher, so sienna will still be able to grow into it some more too.  it still has some color combos that are not kosher in my book, but what can you do?  (yes, spray paint did cross my mind)

okay then, off to enjoy more saturday!

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