Wednesday, February 1, 2012

february already?

i find it hard to believe that it is already february.  seriously.  the month of january flew by in a strange, haze-like way.  the first few weeks were painfully slow.  and when i say painfully, i mean it.  now that i'm up and moving around and am able to be more back to normal things are feeling so blah.  feels better!

now if only baby man would stop this coughing stuff.  then he could sleep better and steve and i could sleep more soundly.  i'm just glad his fever is gone.  no fun to have a sick little five month old.

another reason to feel good?  our tax refund is one step closer to being in our account.  YAY!  i finished filing last night.  yippee!

okay, off to get the kindergartner dressed and to school!

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