Sunday, February 5, 2012

anne steenblik

yes, anne.  this post is specifically for YOU.

i know you read my blog, thus i need to get in touch with you some how.  yes, i realize we both have a phone, and email and texting.  but this is so much more fun!

when you get this, confirm it in whatever way suits your fancy!

it's time you and i TALK.



Alyosha said...

I want to talk to Anne too!!!

Anne Steenblik said...

What a treat to see my name in lights! I'm crazy all morning so I'll call you later today. Or maybe we can just post our conversation back and forth to be saved for posterity. That's what best friends do, you know!!

Ev said...

Oh, ANNE!!! I've been meaning to call you too! I need my Larry Fine Piano BOok back that I lent you last year. I am so glad to see your name in lights! You could always give it to Brooke if you two get together!