Tuesday, February 7, 2012


mr. wyatt loves his feet.

i love that he loves his feet.  i always wanted my girls to do that when they were babies.  i just thought it was so adorable when babies do that.  i even tried to stretch my girls' feet towards their mouths, just to have them throw up all over.  it just wasn't meant to be.

but wyatt?  he doesn't even have to try.  i think his body naturally bends in half with such ease.  it's so cute and it makes me smile to see him do it.  his big toe is easiest to stuff in his mouth, so he usually goes that route.  but he really just likes to hold onto his feet too.  he'll just lay there waving his feet around with his hands.

just something to remember.  so cute.


Lissy said...

So cute - I love how flexible babies are!

Tressa said...

I love it when babies do that too!! You have such a cute chunker. (I'm Johnny Slagle's wife by the way. haha)