Tuesday, February 28, 2012

my little weed

 my sweet little guy is growing up so fast.  i can't believe that at the end of this week he will already be seven months old!  i don't know if it's that he could be my last baby, but i'm feeling extremely sentimental and rebellious about him growing up.  makes me want to cry.  

my wyatt is such a funny baby.  he is starting to take after his oldest sister, sienna.  LOUD.  yes, folks, i think this kid has some good pipes on him.  lately he has no qualms about expressing his thoughts and opinions.  most of the time it's at a moment when i'd rather that he kept to himself, like during sacrament meeting at church, or during chloe's ballet class.  at least he's happy when he's thus expressing himself, right?  right.

he is already on all fours rocking back and forth, acting like he is about to start crawl-sprinting.  NO.  naughty!  stop that little dude.  he LOVES to stand up to things...the couch, his toys, anything that makes him feel taller than floor height.  can't say i blame him.  the other day while laying next to him i realized how very dismal his view is.  no wonder he squeals with joy when i come and lean over him smiling or making silly faces.  the carpet sure isn't as pretty that close up either.  luckily he doesn't notice that yet.  

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