Wednesday, February 29, 2012

what a week

as if cleaning vomit off of two of my children in the doctor's waiting room wasn't enough to deal with this week, wyatt managed to have the poop of his life today as we prepared to shop a bit.  i had all of three baby wipes on me, just enough to be pathetic.  poo was everywhere...up his back, up his front, in his armpits, on his arms.  as i try to minimize damage, it gets on his feet, his hands...somehow on his forehead?  yes.  it was quite the to do.  i had to humble myself enough to enter the small second-hand store we were in front of to go and ask another mom there for a few wipes to save me.

bless her!  that's all i have to say.

on a brighter note, i finally sold the diaper bag that i swore "i must have" on ebay today.  this was my third attempt to sell it.  it really is a great bag, but i didn't need it.  i thought i would, but after two previous children you'd think i would've known better.  one doesn't need a diaper bag.  one just needs a bag big enough to fit baby needs.  to me, these needs are boiled down to diapers, wipes and an extra change of clothes.  so really, you don't need a fancy diaper bag that holds this here, and that there.  i love my urban outfitters black bag much more and it does just as good of a job.  dum---da-dum-dum.

so after a handful of uses, i succumbed to selling it.  i lost about $30 on it, but i'd like to consider that my payment to the bag for its use.  hey, at least i used the diaper changing pad a bazillion times, and then some!  that puppy got used at the fullest potential in the time i had it.  we'll call it $1 per use on the changing pad.  there!

have you noticed that dr. seuss is all about these days?  i kind of want to say, where have you all been?  but really, everyone else has been there too.  it's really just the lorax that's getting all of the attention.  he's clothes, bibs, bags, etc.  he's even all over wyatt's diapers.  i almost feel like i kind of own some "special" royalties for my love of dr. seuss books because of his affiliation with ucsd (stephen's stomping ground up until december).  i felt a special connection.  i know, i'm weird.  but we knew that.

oh the thinks you can think!

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Robin Baker said...

eewwww. sorry woman!